DWC College and Career Paths students Set the foundation for success

“Frona and her team are a godsend. I would have been completely lost without them. I am a technologist. What do I know about liberal arts colleges?”

Philip von Guggenberg, Ph.D., Director of Business Development, SRI International and father of two DWC high school and college path student clients

“Looking at many of my friends who have no idea where to apply and when, I realize just how well prepared I am, and I am very grateful.”

A DWC student

11th-12th Grade

DWC Comprehensive Program:

Our DWC program for high school seniors (2015-16) is now full, and we are not accepting any more new students this year. There are only a few slots still available for juniors. We anticipate that by mid-Jan.-Feb., 2016, the junior program will also be full.

Covers up to 9 schools plus the UCs/CSUs (Grade 11 and 12) and College Freshman Course/Major Planning

  • Assess personal interests, strengths and personality type via personalized mapping and DWC SMART PLAN(tm) to identify prospective colleges and undergraduate programs that best fit each student.
  • Evaluate, expand, develop students academic , extra-curricular, leadership and special talents planning
  • Ongoing bi-monthly advisory meetings, weekly meetings in Senior year
  • CollegePlannerPro industry standard college planning and application project management software tool, customized inventories to assess student’s strengths, personality type, and potential college major/future career interests plus extensive interpretive reports
  • Resume and Activity List development
  • Coaching and editing for three UC application essays , Common Application
  • Essay and supplemental essays
  • College Research
  • Major/Career Review
  • Prepare for College Visits and Build strategic list
  • Interview Preparation
  • Summer Activity Advising
  • Admissions Advocacy
  • Application completion guidance and support
  • Communication with college representatives and departmental faculty

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