DWC College and Career Paths students Set the foundation for success

Our students have been admitted to many top universities, including:

  • Harvard
  • Stanford
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Yale
  • Brown
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Northwestern
  • Cornell
  • Washington University
  • Case Western
  • Rice
  • Berkeley, UCLA and all other University of California campuses.
11th-12th Grade

DesignWorlds for Careers, Phase 1 -- Includes four online inventories and interpretive reports, including: personality type, strengths, preferred learning/thinking styles, and potential career and job interests, with college major strategic recommendations; cross-functional skills and social/professional network mapping. Dynamic interactive mapping of alternative strategies and possible future career/college major options. Five (5) in person/virtual meetings with DWC CEO & Chief Learning/Future Career Strategist, Dr. Ted M. Kahn and online web project & resource management/email support.

DesignWorlds for Careers, Phase 2 -- Includes four personalized coaching and advisory sessions with Dr. Ted Kahn, plus one virtual meeting/videoconference; support in creating and exploring social and professional networks, contacts, informational interviews, and targeted career/job exploration. Resume review, combined with social media marketing and web multimedia communication strategies.