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"Our daughter, who will be attending Carnegie-Mellon, worked with Design Worlds for College throughout the college application process. At the beginning of her junior year, Emma thought she was going to major in a robotics/computer related field.

"At the beginning of her senior year, she decided to audition as a voice major, a big change from the direction that we thought she was going to go. Frona Kahn had great inside and knowledgeable advice on where to apply in both of these circumstances for both of these interests, as well as on DesignWorlds for College provided clear guidance what about the information to put in the applications, and how to go through the voice audition process.

"We could not have gotten the same assistence from a typical college counselor. Ted and Frona were also very flexible in finding times and places to meet that were convenient for us. In the end, our daughter had many excellent college choices, that addressed her many interests. She chose a college program that DesignWorlds brought to her attention. DesignWorlds for College had very thoughtful and strategic advice that helped us get through the arduous collegeapplication admissions process for university music majors. "

Barbara Shufro
David Steuer, Partner, Wilson, Soncini, Goodrich, Rosati, Palo Alto, California

Parents of Emma Steuer, Palo Alto High School, Carnegie Mellon, 2013

9th-10th Grade

Strategic planning and guidance through all phases of the application process: list, planning, resume, auditions, follow-up, decisions.

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