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  • New Clients: DesignWorlds Welcomes:
  • DesignWorlds and Rockman, et cetera receive grant from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation to support of the Field Test and initial development of Phase II of the Bay Area Science Education Collaboratory.
  • DesignWorlds co-founder and CEO, Dr. Ted Kahn, and colleagues to present panel on Science Education Collaboratories at ASTC 2004 Annual Conference of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, September 20, 2004, Tech Museum, Sam Jose.
  • Ted Kahn, pioneers and teaches LINC 228.01W/228.03W, an online course for science teachers at Foothill College, Krause Center for Innovation on science teaching and learning using museum resources from the Bay Area Science Education Collaboratory. Sign up for the Spring, 2004, quarter for LINC 228.01W and LINC 228.03W ($16 registration fee and $24 for 2 CEU units) and also, LINC 224.01W, Global Project-Based Learning ($24 for 2 CEU units) through the Learning in New Media Classrooms program of the Krause Center for Innovation.
  • Ted Kahn was recently a featured invited speaker about formal and informal (science) learning collaboratories at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (March 25), in collaboration between the Arts New Media Center and the Office of Learning Technology and at the annual conference of the Texas Informal Science Education Association (ISEA), in Port Aransas, TX (March 3-4, 2004). As a result of this conference and the great work of DesignWorlds associate and incoming ISEA President, Dr. Christy Youker, a new Texas ISEA Science Education Collaboratory development effort is now under way.
  • Dr. Ted Kahn to serve as Learning Scientist and evaluation partner for "Pachyderm 2.0 Project" a 3-year National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the NMC: New Media Consortium.
    Ted Kahn did a live videoconference keynote presentation on Monday, December 1, 2003, to kick off "Plugging Into Science," a professional development day for teachers in the San Diego area (as well as some local teachers and students at San Jose State).
  • Dr. Ted Kahn is a featured speaker at the New Media Consortium (NMC) conference. Attendees of this session will learn about "collaboratories," a growing form of geographically distributed R&D, educational and artistic endeavors that are using the web and other online technologies to support their collaborative efforts. Several examples of emerging and mature collaboratories will be presented and discussed, including the Bay Area Science Museum Learning Collaboratory with science-technology museums and middle school science teachers. Ted is also speaking on a second topic, a thirty-year retrospective of computers and learning. For more about the conference, please see the NMC's web site.
  • Designworlds for Learning welcomes a new client, Aquarium of the Pacific.
  • In acknowledgement of his lifelong contributions to the use of interactive media and telecommunications technologies for the advancement of teaching, learning, and creative expression, NMC: The New Media Consortium has recognized Dr. Ted M. Kahn as the inaugural NMC Fellow.

    The NMC has launched this new recognition program to honor outstanding thinkers, innovators, and others who have made a significant contribution to the application of technology to teaching, learning, or creative expression.

    The designation of "NMC Fellow" is conceptualized as the NMC's highest individual honor. In addition to recognizing significant lifelong accomplishment, the NMC Fellowship Program is hoped to provide an avenue for collaboration and the pursuit of mutua goals between the fellowship recipient and the NMC. NMC Fellows will be encouraged to use the fellowship as a platform to further their work and as a way to help them continue making contributions to the field.

    The NMC Fellowship will also be a way for us to maintain relationships with longstanding friends who may be moving into retirement or other new roles. Fellowship recipients will be accorded all the rights and privileges of NMC membership, as well as an NMC email address, enabling them to continue their relationship with the NMC. We will be recognizing NMC Fellows and their contributions each year at a special program at the NMC Summer Conference.

    You can find more information on both the new NMC Fellows Program and Dr. Ted Kahn on the NMC website. As an NMC Fellow, Ted will be helping the NMC expand its connections to museums and facilitating collaborations, continuing interests he has held for many years. If you'd like to learn more, Ted can be reached at ted@designworlds.com.

    Please see the press release.
  • Ted Kahn will speak at San Francisco Bay Area Knowledge Management Cluster Fall, 2002 meeting on "The Future of R&D" on September 20, 2002:


    DesignWorlds president and CEO, Dr. Ted Kahn, is one of the invited presenters at the Fall, 2002, meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area KM Cluster. The KM Cluster is a group of active thought and action leaders in the fields of knowledge management, organizational development, and learning in business, non-profits, and research. Ted's presentation will focus on action research and participatory design projects that link research, action, and learning using technology and will feature three projects in which DesignWorlds has been active participant or leader:
    • The ESCOT project , an NSF-funded collaboration led by SRI International in the collaborative development of reusable "components" for web-based interactive mathematics learning;
    • CapitalWorks' multi-client study in "Developing and Applying a Learning Effectiveness Index" (including Cisco, IBM Global Services, Nortel Networks, Anexsys, EDS-Centrobe, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Health Administration)
    • The Hewlett Foundation-funded San Francisco Bay Area Museum-School Online Science Learning Collaboratory, a project just launched in collaboration with Rockman, et cetera, Inc.
  • Bay Area Science Museum Learning Collaboratory Project: Rockman, et cetera, and DesignWords awarded prestigious grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for Bay Area Science Museum Learning Collaboratory.

    We are calling this project the first step towards building a web-based Bay Area Museum-School Science Learning Collaboratory. We are soliciting participation by multiple Bay Area science-technology museums and other informal science learning institutions/projects and Bay Area schools. The basic idea is that at a time of low levels of student achievement in science here in California, and increasing emphasis on curriculum alignment with the CA science standards, the aggregate of the many different Bay Area science, technology, and children's museums, plus zoos, aquariums, nature centers, observatories/planetariums, and other informal science institutions, represents an incredible--and much under-utilized--resource for improving student engagement and learning in science, as well as opportunties for ongoing teacher professional development. We are proposing to help develop a new kind of web-based interface that will make it much easier for science teachers to locate museum and informal resources from across multiple institutions that are directly aligned with CA state science standards at different grade levels.
  • DesignWorlds receives special discretionary grant from the Hewlett Foundation: DesignWorlds for Learning, Inc., through Rockman, Etc. (a non-profit branch of Rockman, et al., has been awarded a special presidential discretionary grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation <http://www.hewlett.org> to explore collaborations and use of various collaborative digital and distance learning technologies among San Francisco Bay Area museums and other informal/after school learning programs. The focus of this grant is to see how/whether such collaborations (and use of technologies) can leverage the extensive resources and highly engaging exhibit environments of many of these museums for student learning and teacher professional development in Bay Area urban and inner-city schools. A report on this program will assist the Hewlett Foundation in possible strategic planning for programs in this area and may be made available to other interested foundations.

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